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Acrylic on Canvas Painting by Artist Michèle Misino de Luca
This is a beautifully designed cover (by Dartfrog Books) of my memoir, A Handful of Raisins in an Otherwise Empty Room

Welcome to my site:
Here you will find galleries of my artwork, all acrylic on canvas abstract painting, as well as links ro my memoir,   Handful of Raisins in an Otherwise Empty Room.  You can sample and savor a chapter, in written or in audiobook form.  Links are provided for you to order the book in ebook, paperback, hardcover, or audiobook forms, as you wish.

Thank you for visiting my!

Come see my Studio/Gallery
Studio J at Fulton Crossing
1200 River Road
Fulton, CA  
(by appointment only)

Contact Michèle at 707/729-0079
or email me at


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